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Orielxx <OrielxxBabezz>

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꧁༺ɴᵉᵛᵉʳ_ɢɪᴠᴇ ᴜᴘ༻꧂
Hi I’m Oriel Echo Hart but most people just call me Echo.

I don’t even know XD XD….. ?!?!!

U’ll probs find me at EVERY foam party aka all my friends are DJ’s. When I’m not changing my profile pic every ten seconds I’m raving 24/7 ;P

If you have access to my super top secret BEBO page that means you 1 of the lucky 1’s and invited to the party of all parties. Think the most epic foam party 2007 has ever been to… just minus the foam XD There will be DJ’s aka all my frinds, there will be overage drinking there will even be smoking!!!!

But yehhh like make sure you bring your ALTERNATIVE unique experimental neverbeenseenbefore style and represent your scene… punk// emo, goth, juicy coture//burberry hoe, Sk8er, scene kid, NU rave, or any other niche you fit into full of other unique individulas who painfully represent the deep crippling way society and your partents will never understand you.

AKA wear what your 13yr old self wished you could wear but the man//your pocket money budget never allowed it.

Photographic evidence of 13yr old vibe will be required on demand… I absolutely HATE posers I think they should all get a grip because this shit isn’t a just a STYLE it’s a LIFESTYLE GHAAAAAA!!!!

Anyway I <3 makin new friends so if you know anyone who wants to come lemme know

Oh and if you think I’m cringe… guess what I don’t give 1, 2, 3 or any of the FUCKS in the world so dream on XD

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Female 13
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The Other Half Of Me
Kosti <kostiasakukumber>
this boiiii xoxox

___Main deets___

13th April aka MY BURRRRTHDAIIII 8.00 to VVV L8 Location: 141 Ormside St, London SE15 1TF £7 to cover costs (plz pay here sxc peeps)

3OH!3, Good Charlotte, Bowling for soup, Lightspeed champion, My chemical romance, Hellogoodbye, Cascada for my ravers ;P Dj Sammy, Basshunter, Sean Paul, Acon and Avril my No1 Babe 4EVA XD

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truth hurts
but ur alright i guess
Kosti <kostiasakukumber> 2 Replies
me n u at the party
<__glenboi__ > 1 Reply


Jonny <J0nNy☆>
wow that party was wicked you r da coolest
btw if my mum asks you it was just a sleepover and ur parents were there
1 day ago

OMG, your profile is soooo cool! luv the emo vibes and ur taste in music is on point! Cant w8 to DEEJAY and play the sickest vibs & get SO drunk

anywho bye bye x
8 days ago
Bad Charlotte

cAn’T wAit 2 go B2B wIth mY BOii KiNK 182 l8r \<\\3 XxX XxX
10 days ago
Jonny <J0nNy☆>
sup oriel how's your day going i got a surprise for your party you're gonna love it or hate it hahahahaha
2 weeks ago
Chay <ChayRuleZ>
haha just found your bebo this is wicked. i heard your haveing a party is it ok if my friend comes they are cool it's all good
3 weeks ago
Tabi <mY_sIstEr _iS_cOolXD y87>
hello sis can i come to your party plzzzz
4 weeks ago
Rudi <rudi_dudey_rip_stip>
hey i met u at kings college hostpital when i was a baby haha do u remmebmer
4 weeks ago
Misha <༺Leͥgeͣnͫd

I p00sh mi f1ngaz in2 mi EYEz
4 weeks ago
Esther <[𝔼𝚜𐍄ℎ𝚎ṛ]>
hey babycakes (u just dunno lol) my bro can get booze for jens if u can give him the moeny b4 this Fri lmk xxx
5 weeks ago

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